Valu Partners with Braun to Ease the Accessibility of Grooming Products in Egypt

wasalah ‘iiqtisadia

Valu, MENA’s leading universal financial technology powerhouse, announced today its strategic partnership with Proctor & Gamble (P&G)

to offer innovative financing solutions for Braun’s

grooming products’ consumers in Egypt

The collaboration is set to improve accessibility to Braun’s grooming products by providing affordability solutions for consumers. Through this partnership

Valu aims to empower consumers to make easier and faster purchase decisions, particularly for high-cash outlay products like Braun.

This collaboration marks the first partnership between a Financial Technology provider and a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company in Egypt. It will enable customers to purchase Braun products through multiple online and retail channels with special discounts and zero-interest offerings when utilizing Valu’s services

This not only benefits consumers by making premium grooming products more affordable but also strengthens Valu’s position as a leading provider of innovative financial solutions in the region


Bassel El Tokhy, Group Chief Operations Officer of Valu, said

“Cultivating strategic partnerships is at the core of Valu’s mission to redefine financial accessibility in the MENA region, which is why we are incredibly excited to join forces with P&G to enhance accessibility to Braun’s grooming products. At Valu, we believe in empowering consumers by providing them with flexible financial solutions that meet their needs

Through this collaboration, we are not only making premium grooming products more affordable but also streamlining the purchasing process for our customers

The collaboration with Braun is also a steppingstone for future collaborations with other P&G brands across its categories

Braun, a trusted brand in Egypt, offers a diverse range of grooming products for both males and females, including shavers, stylers, home laser products, and Silk-épil devices, providing convenience for consumers to groom and style at home

Karim El Sherif, Chief Marketing Officer – Africa at P&G, commented

“At P&G, we continuously strive to provide our consumers with products that meet their needs and improve their daily lives. Our partnership with Valu allows us to take this commitment further by offering flexible payment options for Braun’s grooming products

We believe that removing financial barriers can make our products more accessible to a wider audience, ultimately enhancing consumer satisfaction

Since its inception at the end of 2017, Valu has continued to revolutionize the Egyptian fintech landscape through its innovative offerings as part of its broader strategy to improve people’s quality of life and contribute to promoting financial inclusion across the country. Over the years

Valu has consistently pushed the boundaries of the market by introducing innovative and deeply integrated financial solutions

Today, Valu is a household name in Egypt; it plays a pivotal role in fostering financial empowerment and inclusivity within the market, extending its services to include investment products, an instant cash redemption program, and savings solutions through five unique verticals

U, Business, Akeed, Flip, and Invest. Valu has recently launched its pre-paid card and co-branded credit card in partnership with Visa


khaled ali

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