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At Huawei Cloud Summit 2024 on Tuesday, Huawei Cloud launched its new Region in Egypt, becoming the first company to establish a public cloud in the country

This move will further strengthen Huawei Cloud’s digital enablement strategy in Egypt, fully accelerating the local digital transformation process

Cloud and AI technologies are not only the catalysts for digital economy, but also for social progress. At this summit, William Dong, the

President of Huawei Cloud Marketing, delivered a keynote titled ‘Cloud for Good: Bringing Innovation to Life’, sharing Huawei Cloud’s philosophy of applying technology for the greater good, and announcing the “Cloud for Good” initiative

Through cloud, AI, and other innovative technologies, a sustainable, promising future is on the horizen.

William Dong, President of Huawei Cloud Marketing, delivering a keynote speech

Cloud for Good with Everything as a Service

Huawei Cloud envisions an intelligent future with “Everything as a Service”. With Huawei’s over 30 years of experience in digital transformation, instead of just integrating global infrastructure resources, or investing billions in the most

advanced technologies, Huawei Cloud’s mission is to turn all these into cloud services that empower everyone to not only succeed, but to lead in their digital journey

According to William, Huawei Cloud also envisions a future with “cloud for good”, and is committed to making this vision a reality, focusing on education, environment, healthcare, and inclusion.

At this summit, these visions were illustrated through three stories:

AI Medical Assistants Help Save Patients in Time

Huawei Cloud empowers the healthcare industry with its Pangu Medical Model, trained on high-quality data from 16 million academic journals and equipped with over 1 million knowledge graphs

It works as an intelligent assistant for doctors and patients during medical examinations, diagnosis and treatment, and personal health management

William shared that, “We used AI medical model in a hospital in China to help identify 11 patients with adrenal insufficiency, a rare disease, in just three months, preventing them from being misdiagnosed and saving their lives in time

Runda Medical, a leading healthcare service provider in China, developed their medical AI model based on Pangu, which is expectedly to be adopted by 4,000 hospitals for report interpretation and diagnosis, promoting inclusive healthcare.

Open Schools Improves Learning Resilience and Continuity in Basic Education

Education is the cornerstone of society. Looking back to the year 2020, through a partnership with UNESCO and the Ministry of Education of Egypt, Ethiopia, and Ghana, Huawei launched

“Technology-enabled Open School Systems for All”, or TeOSS. This project aims to build network connections and cloud platforms that enable remote and comprehensive schooling, whether in a classroom or at home.

The results have been remarkable: In Egypt, 950,000 educators have improved distance teaching capabilities. In Ethiopia and Ghana, digital resources become accessible to over 16,000 students from 34 schools

This project just kicked off its second phase last month in Egypt, Thailand, and Brazil. Huawei is working with partners to build digital education, and to make it more inclusive.

Restoring Coral Reefs in Mauritius

Mauritius has one of the best coral reefs in the world, a perfect source for fishing and tourism for the local people. However, these reefs are facing threats from pollution, overfishing, and climate change

“We found the answer in our collaboration with the Ecomode Society and the University of Mauritius. We started on a project to cultivate and restore coral fragments. Using underwater sensors, we collect real-time environmental data, like the weather, water quality, and marine life

Then we transmitted this data to cloud and analyzed it. After almost three years of effort, we managed to transplant 25,000 coral fragments from a nursery to a degraded area on the east coast of Mauritius.” said William

Cloud for Good: Bringing Innovation to Life in Egypt

“Each story shared above is a story of collaboration, innovation, and a strong belief in the power of cloud to make a difference for each of you.” At the end, William proposed the ‘Cloud for Good’ initiative, calling on customers and partners in Egypt to join hands in leveraging cloud and AI, to accelerate the digitalization process and help

Egypt achieve sustainable development goals in areas of current concerns, including agriculture, education, healthcare, environment, water resources, and cultural heritage, to benefit more people, rejuvenate the nature, and contribute to a better home for all.














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