Paysky unveils a new brand identity and sets its sights on expanding into new markets

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Paysky, a leading financial technology and payment solutions company announced its plans to revamp its brand and expand regionally in the year 2024

The company’s continuous strive for accelerated growth is backed by enhancing its presence in key marketsAdditionally, the company plans to expand ” Yalla Super App in Pakistan and Sau Arabia during the first quarter of 2024, following its launch in the United Arab Emirates last year

This reflects the company’s commitment to activating national strategies that achieve financial inclusion by providing digital payment solutions for everyone, everywhere, for a more convenient life

Paysky unveils a new brand identity and sets its sights on expanding into new markets

In this context, Dr. Waleed Sadek, the founder and CEO of Paysky, clarified his vision, saying: “At Paysky, we strive to provide financial services for all, aiming to enhance economic prosperity and social well-being

We have now started a new era, where we are diligently implementing a systematic strategy for 2024, that will make a qualitative leap in the financial technology sector in the region

Therefore, we are intensifying our efforts within the group to develop a comprehensive internal development plan, by doubling the workforce and cultivating a culture of innovation

We are keen to intensify our efforts to strengthen our strong presence in key markets and expand our services therein, including the Middle East, Africa, and Asia

Therefore, we always seek to lead as an influential company in shaping the future of financial technology

Additionally, Sadek announced the company’s investment plans totaling 3 billion pounds over the next three years. Paysky intends to expand its portfolio by offering a wider range of diverse services

including consumer financing tools, savings options, and digital investment opportunities through its super application Yalla Super App

It is worth mentioning that Paysky has made a significant leap in the financial technology industry, developing a wide range of digital financial service solutions for central banks, financial institutions, corporations, and individuals in 18 countries across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia

Additionally, 10 central banks have selected Paysky to build the infrastructure for their national payment systems and operating systems

This success has enabled the company to expand into many markets ready for digital transformation and financial inclusion, which has a significant impact on the economies of countries and the lives of individuals



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