Capture moments in style with the HUAWEI nova 11i’s iconic Double Star Orbit Rings design

مجموعة HUAWEI nova أكثر من 200 مليون مستخدم حول العالم

wasalah ‘iiqtisadia

HUAWEI nova family created on the foundation of innovative technology, every generation of the HUAWEI nova series strives to represent

the ideology of an innovative piece of technology that has an on-trend design, powerful cameras, excellent performance, and offers smart interaction experiences

HUAWEI nova family has accumulated a total of more than 200 million users worldwide recognising the nova users’ love of photography as a way to connect and even rediscover the beauty and wonder that exists all around them

Boasting an upgraded imaging experience, the HUAWEI nova smart phones allow users to record their daily lives and express themselves with renewed self-confidence

Capture moments in style with the HUAWEI nova 11i's iconic Double Star Orbit Rings design

HUAWEI nova 11i

Exquisite look and feel with iconic Double Star Orbit Rings design
Featuring an exquisite look and feel

the HUAWEI nova 11i boasts the iconic Double Star Orbit Rings design. Inheriting the classic Star Ring design from previous generations, the smartphone evokes the image of two stars in orbit and embodies the spirit of space exploration. Its flat screen is framed by ultra-narrow 1mm bezels, resulting in an impressive 94.9% screen-to-body ratio

With a slim profile of just 8.55mm and a weight of 193g, the HUAWEI nova 11i enables comfortable one-handed browsing and slips effortlessly into any bag or pocket for convenience

Capture moments in style with the HUAWEI nova 11i's iconic Double Star Orbit Rings design

The smartphone is available in two nature-inspired colour tones – Mint Green and Starry Black

Experience ultimate audio-visual immersion
HUAWEI nova 11i comes with a stunning 6.8-inch large screen with a 94.9% screen-to-body ratio and 1 mm ultra-narrow bezels, delivering a truly immersive viewing experience

It boasts a variable touch sampling rate of up to 270 Hz for smoother operation. Equipped with enhanced algorithms and a Histen 8.1 audio solution

the HUAWEI nova 11i offers improved audio quality and a variety of vision-soothing features, such as Smooth Light Adjustment, Night mode, eBook mode, and Eye Protect mode, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience even in dim light

Boundless battery life with fast charging
The HUAWEI nova 11i features a 40 W HUAWEI SuperCharge Turbo, which powers up the battery to 60% in just 30 minutes of charging. A mere ten minutes of charging provides 12 hours of calling, 6 hours of video playback, 2 hours of gaming, and 23 hours of local music playback

Outstanding photography and versatility with Dual AI Camera
The 48 MP primary rear camera features an f/1.8 aperture, a 1/2-inch sensor, and 4-in-1 pixel fusion technology, resulting in larger 1.6 μm pixels

The high-resolution camera works seamlessly with the all-scenario RAW domain solution, capturing stunning images in dim and backlit environments. Super Night Shot 2.0 produces bright and clear photos, enhancing the overall purity and detail expressiveness of low-light and nighttime scenes

AI Snapshot utilises Huawei’s proprietary motion detection algorithm to track motion in real-time and adjust the shutter speed, allowing you to capture clear shots of your energetic pets or friends participating in fast-paced activities like paintball

Maximised storage: More files, more apps, more movies

To alleviate phone storage issues caused by caches of the numerous apps installed on your smartphone

the HUAWEI nova 11i comes with 128 GB memory. With enough room to store an impressive 160 episodes, 10,000 songs, or 70 ultra-HD movies, downloading apps, games, and files is now a breeze, making storage issues a thing of the past.

HUAWEI nova 10 SE

Elevate your visual entertainment experience
Movie directors are increasingly embracing the idea of making movies a mobile experience. Modern consumers have embraced the trend too, as seen from the millions of subscriptions the most popular streaming services have

With the smartphone’s 6.67-inch OLED HUAWEI Full-view Display, P3 wide colour gamut, and 90 Hz refresh rate, expect breath-taking levels of detail and true-to-life immersion when watching anything from short videos to movies

What’s more, its amazing flat-edge screen design broadens the view, with ultra-narrow bezels on the upper, left, and right sides, and a streamlined body, producing a high screen-to-body ratio of 91.85%

Mobile gaming on a whole new level
HUAWEI nova 10 SE’s features covered above also cater to gamers of every level who want to elevate their mobile gaming experience

With Touch Turbo feature, gameplay is kicked up a notch, and users can easily control the multi-finger operations and explore more operation methods.
Unleash your inner bookworm
Say goodbye to the Kindle or Tablet for your eBook needs – HUAWEI nova 10 SE doubles up as a perfectly good eBook device

Whether you are an avid consumer of eBooks or enjoy reading articles on your smartphone, HUAWEI nova 10 SE’s Auto Brightness Adjustment feature, mentioned earlier, ensures that the display is as comfortable to view as it is stunning

The display remains clear even in the presence of strong light. In addition, the screen brightness automatically dims to 1.8 nits at night to ensure zero visual discomfort. AI brightness identification is available to identify light intensity preferences based on their daily usage habits, for an improved viewing experience

To top it off, dark mode, e-book mode, and a range of other high-level features provide users with a myriad of options for how to consume content in a comfortable way



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