Huawei«Light Up Your Rings» challenge goes live globally   

    wasalia _  Huawei has launched the “Light Up Your Rings” global challenge on Huawei smartwatches and HUAWEI Health App as part of the Fashion Forward wearable launch globally to motivate users towards better health every day. Launched together

with HUAWEI Wearable Product Ambassadors Sir Mo Farah and Pamela Reif, Light Up Your Rings brings exclusive challenges and fitness content to inspire users to start the journey to be healthier and fitter selves

New Challenges to Inspire Better Health Everyday

Starting from 16 October 2023, the “Light Up Your Rings” challenge invites users from 20 countries across Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Middle East Africa, to consistently complete the Activity Rings and share their journey

Users can set their daily goals when they first access Activity Rings on their Huawei smartwatch, such as the latest HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 and

HUAWEI WATCH 4 Series, or through the HUAWEI Health App. Completing all three rings earns them a Perfect Day, and achieving five Perfect Days in a week rewards them with an Active Week Medal

The Active Week Medal can then be displayed on their Huawei smartwatch to showcase their dedication to health and fitness through the Light Up Your Rings challenge

The “Light Up Your Rings” aims to motivate users to live a healthier lifestyle through personalised goals and gamification elements like the medal system. With the comprehensive health features and upgraded software algorithms on Huawei smartwatches, users can pursue their fitness goals

Improved Activity Rings for enhanced fitness journey experience

Powering the campaign is the new and upgraded Activity Rings, introduced on the recently launched HUAWEI WATCH GT 4

Activity Rings helps users visualise their fitness goals and develop healthy exercise habits by providing a clear and motivating indicator of their progress through three progress rings: Move, Exercise, and Stand

The Move ring calculates the number of calories burnt daily through different activities such as walking or workouts.

The Exercise ring tracks exercise duration, showing the total time spent working out. The Stand ring shows how long the user has stayed active within the day, including simple actions like standing up.

Activity Rings brings a combination of careful scientific study with the user-centric design ethos Huawei is known for. Developed by the Huawei Finland Research Center, Activity Rings employs an upgraded calculation algorithm

This algorithm ensures consistent and accurate metrics and offers users a detailed breakdown of calories burnt across various daily activities, comprehensive tracking of exercise durations, and a holistic view of a user’s active hours, even accounting for seemingly mundane actions like standing.

Activity Rings also introduce an element of gamification through new challenges and medals. The HUAWEI Milan Aesthetic Research Center designed these medals to be symbols of achievement.

Each medal is meticulously designed, Incorporating diverse material effects like metal, enamel, and textured ceramic. They’re interactive, with a 3D design allowing users to virtually “flip”themBesides Huawei wearable devices, users can also access Activity Rings via the HUAWEI Health App

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