HUAWEI WATCH FIT SE is perfect for Back to School Season

Small in size, big in intelligence

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The HUAWEI WATCH FIT Special Edition may be small in size, but it is extremely intelligent. In one small, sophisticated square,

the HUAWEI WATCH FIT Special Edition does not only come with the crowning feature of long battery life, it also features the HUAWEI Super Charge.

Significant breakthroughs and enhancements have also been made to the watch’s Sports and Health features 

The watch features newly upgraded HUAWEI TruSeenTM 5.0 heart rate technology, Huawei’s own multi-sensor AI neural network algorithm with expertly developed PPG components. Using this technology

the HUAWEI WATCH FIT Special Edition is able to provide more accurate, 24-hour heart monitoring to track changes in blood oxygen, sleep and stress conditions

By providing the wearer with these results, this is a smartwatch with fully comprehensive, all-round health management capabilities. Aside from this, it also features a pioneering menstrual cycle management function, developed specifically for female users

The numerous intelligent features of the HUAWEI WATCH FIT Special Edition have been carefully considered to enhance any setting, be it travel, the workplace or everyday life, with convenient and smart technologies 

The HUAWEI WATCH FIT Special Edition will open up a new and unique Smart Wear experience so intelligently designed; you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Stylish Colour Variations

The HUAWEI WATCH FIT Special Edition is available in 3 different dynamic colours: Starry Black, Nebula pink, Forest green

The tone, hue and saturation of these colours have been carefully selected to complement the brushed metal frame, creating a sense of sophisticated yet youthful vitality. Available to mix and match as you wish, all of these eye-catching colour schemes will help you stand out from the crowd

Colorful watch faces to choose from

HUAWEI WATCH FIT Special Edition provides users with over 10000 +exquisite watch faces of different styles

The colourful and customizable watch faces allow young people to easily find matching styles for their daily wear, making every day full of freshness and vitality.

In addition, HUAWEI WATCH FIT Special Edition brings new Style watch face functionality that achieves daily outfit-matching aesthetics.

With HUAWEI Health app, users can upload their OOTD photos, and app is able to generate a variety

of watch faces with elements from the outfit. By extracting the colours and elements from the OOTD photos, multiple watch faces can be generated, such as solid colour and texts, lines, shapes, curves, flowers, animals.

The watch supports AOD (Always-On Display) switch settings. When AOD is turned on, the watch face will enter the AOD mode after the screen timeout. Each watch face has its own AOD style, and the transition between the active and AOD mode is seamless

The watch has been preinstalled with 10 AOD watch faces, you can pick one and always see the time when the watch is sleeping.

Powerful Fast Charging and a Long Battery Life

HUAWEI WATCH FIT Special Edition supports fast charging, enabling you to use it for two days with just five minutes of charging, and fully charge it in just 45 minutes, which is the length of an episode of a TV show. Its strong battery life capability provides you with long-lasting health care protection

In addition, the watch supports up to 9 days of battery life, up to 6 days for normal use, and up to 3 days for AOD mode. 

Price and Availability

Users can obtain the HUAWEI WATCH FIT, which is available in three different dynamic colors: Starburst Black, Nebula Pink, and Forest Green, from Huawei stores and authorized resellers.

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