Huawei Shows How Wearable Tech Can Be A Woman’s Best Friend


Technology has played a key role in improving the health and well-being of women, especially when it comes to mental and reproductive health. Thankfully, smart wearables have become such a great tool for women to find the support they need. Wearable technologies are also slowly

incorporating more aesthetic elements, giving us more exciting smartwatches that not only act as health management devices but also fashion statements

Huawei Shows How Wearable Tech Can Be A Woman’s Best Friend

Huawei has become a leader in this department, announcing its new Fashion Forward brand manifesto for its newest wearables. Huawei proves that the future of wearable technology is not just smart but stylish too

Express yourself with your own personalised smartwatch!
Gone are the days when smartwatches were just fitness-tracking devices

These days, people expect smartwatches to do much more and even serve as fashion accessories. So, they are demanding more innovation in aesthetics. Luckily, brands like Huawei are living up to this demand, taking the wearables in a fashion-focused direction

Functional health features to get in tune with your body
Style is nothing without substance. Huawei ensures that its advancements in design don’t leave behind its innovations in health and fitness technology

Huawei ensures that these innovations are also inclusive of women’s health This first started in 2018, when a female developer at Huawei found that only a small proportion of women regularly monitor their health and menstrual cycles

Soon, her idea grew into a women’s health R&D team at Huawei. Five years later, it has expanded to include a team of experts from clinical medicine, bioengineering, computer, mathematics, and information communications.

The team collaborated with experts in reproduction and heredity to develop a smart cycle calendar, launching Menstrual Health Management feature to predict the first day of the period with accuracy, helping women adapt to the changing needs of their bodies.

Wellness begins from within
Research has shown that women report more sleep difficulties and are at greater risk for insomnia diagnosis than men

To combat these issues, Huawei’s TruSleepTM can provide women with a better understanding of their sleep cycles and habits, giving them tips to optimise their rest.

Keeping fit is also part and parcel of a balanced lifestyle. HUAWEI TruSeenTM technology has introduced fitness features to motivate users to keep moving

These make tracking workouts more personalised affairs, and also give women a better way to manage their fitness levels and weight.

Huawei has more in store for its smartwatches and is planning to deepen research into common health issues affecting women

With greater attention paid to women’s health, the future of women-focused wearable technology is looking brighter than ever.


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