HUAWEI GoPaint: Master creativity and win exclusive prizes


HUAWEI GoPaint is a global creative activity launched by Huawei, where participants can showcase their digital artistic skills in an online event that embodies Huawei’s commitment to promoting creativity.

The activity aims to inspire creativity and enable more people to participate in artistic skills, using Huawei tablets designed to provide delightful creative features

The activity includes valuable awards for the winners, such as cash prizes and funding for innovations.

The awards included in the activity are as follows

– Best Creative Award of $5000 (1 winner)

– Best Visual Award of $5000 (1 winner)

 Best Storytelling Award of $5000 (1 winner)

Most Popular Award of $5000 (2 winners)

 Honorable Mention Award of $2000 (15 winners)

To participate in the activity, artwork can be submitted before the submission deadline on February 29, 2024. Artworks can be submitted through the My HUAWEI app or by posting them on

Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #HUAWEIGoPaint and mentioning the official huaweimobile account.

In addition, the winning artworks will be showcased on a global platform, including press conferences, brand events, art exhibitions, media collaborations, and Huawei’s social media accounts

The winning artworks will also be featured in various Huawei applications and on Huawei-affiliated products, reaching a wide global audience

The activity includes three intellectual categories: Culture, City, and Character. Participants need to submit high-quality artwork in JPG or PNG format, accompanied by a textual description of the submitted work

Participants are encouraged to carefully review the different categories to choose the appropriate category for their artwork

Only Huawei tablets can be used to create the artwork, but any device model can be accepted. The activity provides a great opportunity to showcase artworks on a global level and share your stories with the world



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