Cityscape Egypt Unveils Sponsors for 12th Edition in 2023 



Cityscape Egyp announced the offici for its 12th      edition in 2023, the premier real estate exhibition in Egypt and Africa

The event, taking place from September 20 to 23 at EIES in New Cairo, will be under the auspices of the Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities

Midar for Investment and Urban Development has been named the Master Sponsor of the exhibition. Misr Italia Real Estate Development Company has also been announced as a Golden Sponsor.

Cityscape Egypt Unveils Sponsors for 12th Edition in 2023 

Ayman ElKousey, Managing Director and CEO of Midar, stated: “Cityscape is one of the largest real estate platforms that aims to provide opportunities for the meeting of major investors and developers working in the real estate sector in Egypt and the region, with clients seeking real investment or housing opportunities under one roof

He added: “At Midar, we strive to develop the residential and entertainment cities industry to meet the requirements of the future. We are proud to sponsor this important event

Cityscape Egypt 2023,” as the “Master Sponsor” in its twelfth edition in Egypt, based on our complete commitment to solidify the company’s role as one of the largest companies operating in the field of city development

This positively reflects on the real estate development industry in Egypt and provides more investment opportunities for various specialties of real estate development companies operating in Mostakbal City

Engineer Mohamed Hany El Assal, CEO and Managing Director of Misr Italia Properties, said: “We are thrilled to be participating in this edition of Cityscape, Egypt’s, and the region’s, most influential real estate event

This opportunity perfectly aligns with Misr Italia Properties’ vision for expansion and overall growth. At Misr Italia Properties

we firmly believe in creating spaces that enhance the quality of life for individuals and communities. Our commitment to sustainable development and innovation, with a customer-centric approach, is at the core of our values

He highlighted: “Every year we come here exhibiting new projects, initiatives, and partnerships.

Cityscape brings us closer to our customers, which allows us to cater to their needs by making sure our projects meet and exceed their expectations, all while continuing to expand and supply to the growing demand for quality real estate solutions in Egypt

The exhibition also provides us with a platform to showcase our expertise in creating vibrant real estate projects that truly make a difference; our projects do not only enhance the urban landscape, but also contribute to economic growth

job creation, and community development. We invite all attendees to experience the added value our projects bring to the market and witness firsthand our unwavering commitment to excellence

Engineer Mohamed Khaled El Assal, also CEO and Managing Director of Misr Italia Properties, said: “We are delighted to sponsor this edition of

Cityscape and present the diverse project portfolio the Egyptian market has to offer; this international exhibition allows for worldwide exposure of our line of products highlighting the market’s strength and stability

Bringing the value of Egyptian real estate to light is among exhibitors’ objectives when participating in Cityscape as it provides a unique platform to showcase the immense potential of Egyptian real estate to an international customer base, fostering increased foreign investment and boosting export opportunities

He explained: “The exhibition allows us to network with key industry players, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights into global real estate trends, enabling us to align our offerings with international demands and further enhance our product quality

This year we’re participating in 9 projects that showcase our expertise in providing the Egyptian market with comprehensive real estate solutions; our range of residential, coastal

commercial, and administrative projects cater to the varying needs of our discerning clientele. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional quality and value, Misr Italia Properties stands as a reliable partner in the real estate sector

Over the past 12 years, Cityscape has played a significant role in promoting real estate sector growth in Egypt and the wider region

With support from the public and private sectors, the exhibition has become one of the largest and most influential regional events, connecting investors and developers and providing unique opportunities in various Arab countries, such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar

Cityscape Egypt 2023 will feature over 70 exhibitors showcasing a wide range of projects from across Egypt in a spacious 35,000 m2 covered area across 4 halls

The event expects over 20,000 visitors, with strong attendance and participation from the real estate sector

The exhibition will also include the Cityscape Talks platform, where experts from the private and public sectors will discuss important developments in the industry.

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