Celebrating the partnership between UNESCO the Ministry of Education and Huawei in Egypt

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   Under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Reda Hegazy, the Minister of Education and Technical Education

the Ministry inaugurated “The Educational Content Studio” at the Professional Academy for Teachers in collaboration with UNESCO and Huawei

The studio is located at the Professional Academy for Teachers in the 6th of October City, as part of the “Technology-enabled Open School Systems for All” project, on the occasion of the International Day for Digital Learning

In her speech at the opening ceremony

Dr. Zainab Khalifa, the Director of the Professional Academy for Teachers, emphasized the considerable efforts undertaken by the academy in fostering professional development for teachers

These efforts were conducted in partnership with UNESCO and Huawei, to ensure the success of the project. Dr. Khalifa expressed her appreciation for the support and great efforts of

Dr. Reda Hegazy, the Minister of Education and Technical Education, in establishing the academy as UNESCO second category center, as well as his focus on enhancing its institutional performance

adding an international dimension to its services, and strengthening its regional role through international cooperation with relevant institutions and organizations

Dr. Zainab added that the launch supports the “Technology-enabled Open School Systems for All” project in Egypt, Ghana, and Ethiopia

This is achieved through designing, testing, and expanding open school systems that can connect schools and home-based education, ensuring continuity and quality of learning

The project aims to address educational challenges by integrating digital learning platforms and digital content that align with the

curriculum and digital competencies of teachers. It also seeks to promote open education models through national digital learning policies

Additionally, Dr. Zainab Khalifa emphasized that the academy adopts a specific goal-oriented plan to achieve continuous growth for all members of the education staff

enhancing their academic and professional levels. This includes addressing educational issues related to teacher preparation and professional development in Egypt and the Arab world

Celebrating the partnership between UNESCO the Ministry of Education and Huawei in Egypt

The academy also aims to contribute to the exchange of scientific and professional expertise among practitioners and researchers in the fields of teacher training, qualification, and administrative leadership, in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030

Dr. Zeinab also confirmed that actions have been taken by the academy to keep pace, by converting the promotion programs provided to teachers to digital programs

offered through the academy platform as well as supervisory jobs programs

On her part, Dr. Nuria Sanz, Officer in Charge of the UNESCO Office in Cairo, expressed her gratitude for the opening of the studio and the effective partnership between UNESCO and the Ministry of Education and Technical Education in Egypt

She also highlighted the significant support provided by Dr. Reda Hegazy for the “Technology-enabled Open School Systems for All

project. Dr. Nuria affirmed the importance of private sector involvement in partnership with educational institutions and supporting schools and teachers

Additionally, Sanz emphasized the need to harness the positive aspects of technology in the educational process and take advantage of the services offered by the studio to support teachers and students in schools

. She also highlighted the importance of conducting studies and researches that support the integration of technology in education, providing digital content, and supporting teachers

competencies. She noted that while the use of technology has positive effects, there are also negative aspects that need to be considered.

Furthermore, Dr. Nuria Sanz stated “We are delighted to build a new cornerstone in cooperation with Huawei

we also acknowledge Egypt’s significant impact in the region and its crucial position as a founding member of UNESCO, and as a result

we consistently strive to establish various collaborations with the Egyptian government and other stakeholders, including the private sector, to promote the digital transformation of education

She also pointed out that UNESCO works to support Ministry’s teachers, by integrating technology into their teaching practices and developing digital education policies

UNESCO is actively executing its strategy to integrate technology into education by implementing three approaches

The first approach works to establish smart regulatory frameworks that protect human rights

The second one equips teachers and learners with the skills to navigate digital tools, where in the past decade, UNESCO has supported 40 countries in developing digital competency frameworks for teachers. As part of its latest approach

UNESCO collects data to compile reports on educational technologies, including a specific focus on the utilization of artificial intelligence in the field of education, where in 2023

the organization published a report based on this data analysis

Mr. MaBen, Director of the Public Affairs and Communication Department at Huawei Egypt, expressed his delight at the opening of the “Educational Content Studio” stating

We strive at Huawei to digitize the educational process, by combining online learning with interactive traditional methods, we aim to digitize and enhance the educational process

This positively impacts professionals in the sector, including teachers, and students, and contributes to the overall improvement of the education process, aligning with Egypt’s Vision 2030 for education development, by providing high-quality and efficient educational programs

On his part, Mr. Sun Tao, Compliance Director at Huawei Egypt, affirmed the company’s commitment to implementing all aspects of the 

Technology-enabled Open School Systems fo All” project

He added that Huawei supports the development of education, technology, and digital learning, expressing his delight at the opening of the educational content studio, which aims to build the capacities of teachers.

Additionally, Mr. Sun Tao underscored the significance of the technological revolution in the field of education

He emphasized that the establishment of the studio serves as evidence of the advancements in educational technology and effectively addresses the requirements of both educators and learners

During the celebration, a video showcasing the inception and evolution of the studio was presented, along with a documentary video, highlighting the collaborative project between UNESCO and Huawei for inclusive schools.

It is worth mentioning that “Technology-enabled Open School Systems for All” project was launched by UNESCO and Huawei in partnership with the Ministries of Education in Egypt

Ethiopia, and Ghana to ensure access to all communities and achieve maximum benefit from the educational system

the program has achieved remarkable achievements in the education sector in Egypt through the launch of the

National Distance Learning Center” which contributed to building the capabilities of teachers by preparing enrichment training courses for them and providing various digital platforms

The event was attended by Dr. Hegazy Idris, Consultant and Training Coordinator and Advisor to the Minister of Education and Technical Education for Lifelong Learning

Dr. Zainab Khalifa, the Director of the Professional Academy for Teachers; Dr. Nuria Sanz, Officer in Charge of the UNESCO Office in Cairo

Mary Anne Manuson , Education Programme Specialist at UNESCO; Mr. MaBen, Director of the Public Affairs and Communication Department at Huawei Egypt

Mr. Sun Tao, Compliance Director at Huawei Egypt; Doaa Abu Naim, Project Officer at UNESCO; Dr. Hossam Hamdy, Dean of the Faculty of Education, Helwan University

Professor Mahmoud Al-Fouly, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education in Menoufia; and a group of employees at the Ministry, the Professional Academy for Teachers, UNESCO, and representatives of Huawei Egypt



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