AstraZeneca Egypt Sets New Benchmark with Fifth Consecutive Best Places to Work Certification

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  AstraZeneca Egypt, an affiliate of the multinational pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company, has recently achieved the Best Place to Work certification for 2023

In the previous years, the company was awarded couple of certifications including Best Place to Work for Millennials and the Best Place to Work for

Women where the company succeeded in building a culture where people feel empowered and excited to be a part of the team, resulting in its recognition among the employer of choice in Egypt
Best Places to Work is an international certification program, considered as the ‘Platinum Standard’ in identifying and recognizing top workplaces around the world

AstraZeneca Egypt Sets New Benchmark with Fifth Consecutive Best Places to Work Certification

The program provides employers the opportunity to learn more about the engagement and the satisfaction of their employees and honor those who deliver an outstanding work experience with the highest standards in regards to working conditions

El Werdany, Country President of  Egypt commented about this achievement ”Being a great place to work is a journey at AstraZeneca

we’ve been committing to through evolving how we work, while embracing an inclusive and diverse culture which fosters that every voice is well-heard

We are very proud to be certified for 5 years in a row as “Best Place to Work”. Such recognition reflects on how we continue focusing on a variety of workplace factors; including culture, career and development, leadership, and talent management
Heba Elshabrawy,

Human Resources Director of AstraZeneca Egypt said “We are very proud of AstraZeneca’s recognition again in 2023 as one of Egypt Best Places to Work for! This year recognition is special being the 5th in a row- preceded earlier by our recognition in 2019 as one of the top 10 employers in Africa,

in 2020 as first rank among Best Employers in Egypt within large enterprises category, in 2021 as first company ever in Egypt to get certified as Best Females’ Employer, and in 2022 the first and only certified Best Place to Work for Millennials!

That’s an outcome of our focused people strategy which together with our growth and bold ambition positions us where we currently are! Being a Great

Place to Work is one of our strategic priorities in AstraZeneca with focus on building a culture of lifelong learning & development and Being Champions of Inclusion & Diversity

Every year, more than 50 organizations in Egypt partner with the Best Places to Work organization for the assessment, benchmarking and planning of actions to strengthen their workplace cultur


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